World Health Organization (WHO) says Russia shelled at least 274 hospitals and health centers in this war.

 Russian troops have targeted and continue to attack dozens of hospitals in the disputed region of Ukraine. Trains are used by Doctors Without Borders to evacuate injured patients.

Source: AFP

It is a shocking report to me that Russian troops are targetting the injured, sick, and elderly, there are no longer any taboos. They have long targeted Ukrainian hospitals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia has already shelled at least 274 hospitals and health centers in this war.

Hospitals were destroyed in there completely. The medical system has collapsed, particularly in eastern Ukraine where hospitals have been destroyed or plundered systematically. The supply line of medicines is broken. Medical personnel has fled which has made the situation worse.

Yulia Paevsku, a paramedic, is an example of what might happen to medical personnel; she was taken by Russian forces in Mariupol on March 16. She has not emerged as of yet. She was a paramedic who primarily cared for military soldiers. She never appeared on prisoner exchange lists between Russia and Ukraine. And there are frequent assaults on medical professionals in Russian-occupied territories.

It is primarily bedridden people who have never had the chance to evacuate who are currently trapped in the contested areas of eastern Ukraine. And these people s who require medical care on daily basis.

The train is a mobile intensive care unit. However, with restrictions.


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