HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse

 A year ago, HyperX launched the "punctured" Pulsefire Haste mouse. It was the manufacturer's first mouse of this type, which was apparently well-received on the market, as we have just received its wireless variant.

Source: HyperX

In addition to the detachable 180 cm HyperFlex cable (which is very light), the wireless mode equipment includes a USB receiver and a signal extender in the shape of a small round module with an anti-slip base. It is important to note that Pulsefire Haste Wireless supports both wireless and wired modes before we continue.

Ultra-light hex shell design.

This design makes the mouse lighter. The company has designed it in such way that it is still durable. This mesh type design offers better ventilation and airflow.

USB HyperFlex Cable

The USB cable with the supplied with the box is made of  flexible paracord material. This type of material offers easier mouse movement because of flexible paracord material. 

Golden micro dustproof switches from TTC

They are anti-dust switches and produces satisfying clicks.

Pure virgin-grade PTFE skates

The 100% PTFE low-friction skates make the mouse more responsive by providing a smooth, frictionless glide. A replacement pair of skates is also included in case the original pair becomes worn out.

For those who prefer a bit more comfort and control, grip tape is included for the mouse's side and both mouse buttons


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