A new procedure to open the heart's arteries has been developed.

A blockage in the blood flow is caused by fat that builds up in the arteries, and various operations are performed to remove it.

The obstruction is removed by angioplasty, open heart surgery, or bypass surgery.
A new technology has been invented by scientists. Plaque was removed from arteries and veins using a laser and ultrasound.

The approach presented by scientists at the University of Kansas is successful, safe, and practical, according to experts. They used ultra sound to rip the minuscule bubbles apart.

The procedure is still known as laser angioplasty, but the use of ultrasound represents a new technique.

The distinction is that angioplasty opens the artery by squeezing the plaque with a stent or balloon, whereas laser angioplasty uses a laser wire that is carried from the vein to the tight region.

A strong laser warms the fluid in the arteries, causing bubbles to form that burst, clearing and even destroying the blockage of fat stored in the arteries.
However, there is always the possibility that high-energy lasers will damage the arteries.

Experts used a low-power nano-second laser to produce bubbles inside the arteries, which were then spread out with external ultrasound, exploding and clearing the plaque.

Many more procedures, including the therapy of aberrant veins and arteries growing inside the eye, are conceivable with the combination of laser and ultrasound, according to experts.


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