Apple introduces new features in iOS 16:Apple Messenger comes with enhanced features

Waiting for Apple's new iOS, which also has 15 minutes to edit or retrieve a message. In addition, great features are being added for iPhone users around the world.

Apple Messenger's Enhanced Option has been further improved to be applicable to recently sent messages. This will give you a 15 minute period in which you will be able to retrieve the message or edit it again. In addition, deleted messages can be retrieved within a month if needed

Then there are the options for taking dictation and improving text in typing, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. One of them includes options like punctuation of long sentences and checking grammar. Facilities are also being provided for instant typing messages.

Under another sharing option, two friends will be able to watch videos together and listen to the same song while chatting which is also a good option. Previously, this option was only for face time calls.


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