Coffee prolongs life, a new study

According to a new study, coffee helps people live longer.

Caffeine has long been thought to have harmful impacts on human health.

 According to a new study conducted by Queen Mary University of London and Budapest's Semmelweis University, drinking coffee is not only not harmful to your health, but really beneficial. 

The researchers looked at data from over 500,000 patients in a British health database who had not been diagnosed with heart disease at the start of the study period. 

Non-coffee drinkers, mild to moderate coffee drinkers, and coffee junkies were divided into groups and asked about their coffee habits and lifestyles. In the largest study to date looking at the influence of coffee on cardiovascular health, risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels were also taken into account.

Coffee consumers have a longer lifespan.
According to the research, light to moderate coffee drinking lowers the risk of death from all causes by 12% and death from cardiovascular disease by 17%. 

A study found that drinking half a cup to three cups of coffee each day reduced the risk of stroke by 21%. 

Due to the difference manufacturing method, ground coffee has a notably good effect compared to instant coffee, according to the poll. "We were able to examine the impact of regular coffee consumption on the structure and function of the heart using MRI images." 

Dr. Pál Maurovich-Horvat of the Hungarian Semmelweis University said, "We observed that frequent light-to-moderate coffee drinking is favourable for heart function, suggesting it may decrease age-related changes in the heart." There was no evidence of detrimental cardiovascular effects even in coffee addicts.


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