HomePod mini : Room-filling sound

 The Apple HomePod mini was released at a time when other manufacturers' smart speakers had been available for quite some time.

Source: Apple

Apple's HomePod mini comes with a 150-cm-long built-in cable that terminates in a USB type C connector. It is always white, yellow, orange, blue, or space gray in color, just like the HomePod Mini.

A USB-C power adapter with a 9V and 2.2A output is included. The box also includes the obligatory quick start guides, warranty and compliance information, and an Apple sticker. 

The smart speaker is spherical and measures 84.3 mm high by 97.9 mm wide. The bottom and top, however, have been flattened. A textile mesh made of acoustically transparent fabric covers the sides, with a design that resembles a sea urchin cactus.  Perhaps this is why the color options are limited to white, yellow, orange, blue, and space gray. The Apple logo is displayed on the underside, which is circular and rubberized.

The control panel is mounted on top of a circular glass plate. It consists of two printed symbols that represent a plus and a minus button. This can be used to control the volume. Touch gestures on the surface are used for everything else. Several LEDs are also included, which provide lighting effects and visual feedback.

There are two passive woofers and full-bandwidth drivers inside. The sound is completed by a special acoustic waveguide for a 360-degree sound field and computational audio for real-time tuning.

Four microphones allow for reliable voice control even at a distance.

With AirPlay 2, that device can be used as a multiroom speaker as well as a stereo speaker for two people.

Bluetooth 5.0, IEEE 802.11n WLAN, and an ultra-wideband chip for connecting to nearby devices are all included. Thread is also supported, as is Apple HomeKit. The Apple HomePod mini is 345 grams in weight.

The HomePod mini is simple to set up. Simply connect the HomePod to the 20 W power supply, Siri will greet you, and the HomePod will be configured in the home WLAN with an iOS or iPadOS device. The HomePod mini, on the other hand, cannot be configured without an iOS device!

If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can listen to ca music directly from the service. As a result, the Apple HomePod mini comes with a six-month free trial period.

With an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, you can use your own iTunes and iCloud music libraries directly on the HomePod. It's possible to listen to Apple Music Radio and podcasts, as well as

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac users can use AirPlay to stream other content to HomePod mini. However, music cannot be streamed so easily via Bluetooth. The BLE interface is only intended for smart home control. So anyone from the Android device needs something like AirMusic Pro.

On the device itself, using the HomePod mini is simple and intuitive: a single tap pauses or resumes music. Typing activates the Cupertino voice assistant program if no music is playing. With a press and hold, we can summon Siri in any situation, including while listening to music. Siri is waiting for our commands as the circle on the top of the Apple HomePod mini glows brightly.


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