Plastic bottles: why is it better not to reuse them?

 You may be tempted to fill up your plastic water bottle with all this heat. According to nutritionists, this gesture should be avoided.

Plastic bottles

It is enticing, if not obvious, to reuse your water bottle when you're at the beach, in a park, or in the forest. a behavior that is environmentally friendly but studies show to be unhealthy for your health.

With heat, chemical compounds degrade in water

It is a known fact that bottled water contains a large number of microplastics. However, the process of molecular exchanges is multiplied by ten during hotter periods. Chemical leaching occurs when the chemicals in the plastic bottle mix with the liquid more quickly.

In a Chinese study, water bottles were kept for four weeks at temperatures as high as 158 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees) to illustrate the impact of heat on PET water bottles (the plastic most frequently used to make disposable water bottles.

BPA and antimony, a carcinogen similar to arsenic, had consequently gradually increased in concentrations.

"Raising the temperature of PET by 10°C is equivalent to multiplying by three the contact time between plastic and water"

Additionally, the water's quality will only decline after the bottle is opened.

Another issue is the growth of bacteria inside the bottle over time. Indeed, the germs spread quickly when you open it and reseal it. The same holds true when the mouth makes contact with the neck.

And in this case, strong heat is not necessary because even a drink that is left at room temperature can become infected.

The nutritionist  says that drinking tap water stored in a stainless steel or glass gourd is the best choice for staying hydrated risk-free because "bottled water is not spared contaminants.

The expert also discourages using the water purifier or filter jug because it might contain potentially harmful silver nanoparticles. These would, in fact, inhibit the growth and reproduction of both aquatic and terrestrial organisms while promoting their mortality.


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