Russia's oil exports rise despite European sanctions, but how?

Russia has made a major decision following a European embargo on Russian oil imports.

According to foreign media reports, after Europe imposed a ban on Russian oil imports, Moscow has decided to increase its oil supplies to China and India, resulting in a record increase in Russian oil supplies to China and India. 

According to the report, Russia's decision to increase oil exports to China and India comes at a time when European countries are divided over the issue of boycotting Russian oil imports.

On the other hand, after the Ukraine war and the announcement of a boycott of Russian oil, the purchase of oil from Asian countries has increased in the European markets and competition has also started in this regard.

According to foreign media reports, the supply of cheap Russian oil has also given impetus to India's oil imports, as Russia became the fourth largest oil exporter to India in April and India's oil exports to India by March. I was ranked tenth in Russia.

Analysts say China has also increased its purchases of Russian oil and its imports


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