How can we protect our children from obesity?

Spending time in front of the television is one of the worst lifestyle factors that can lead to obesity in children.

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This was revealed in a study conducted in Spain.

Finding the causes of obesity in overweight and obese children can help protect them from other diseases in adolescence, such as coronary heart disease and metabolic disorders, according to research from the Hospital Dale Mar Medical Research Institute. 

Physical activity, bedtime, television viewing time, vegetarian diet, and the consumption of processed or junk foods were all examined as part of the study.

The findings of the study, which included 1,480 children, were published in the journal Pediatric Obesity.

Parents were asked a variety of questions about their 4-year-old children's lifestyle habits during the study. At the ages of 4 and 7, blood pressure was measured.

Children under the age of four who are less physically active and spend more time in front of the television have a higher risk of body weight gain, obesity, and metabolic syndrome by the age of seven, according to research.

Other children's activities, such as reading, drawing, and solving puzzles, had no effect on body weight, according to the researchers.

According to researchers, when children watch television, they are exposed to numerous advertisements for foods that are harmful to their health, and they may even consume these foods.

These children consume more ultra-processed foods such as pastries, sugary drinks, salt, sugar, and fatty foods.

Excessive consumption of these items at the age of four has been linked to excess body weight at the age of seven, according to research.

According to researchers, watching TV increases the distance from physical activity in children and also affects the scheduled time of sleep and good sleep at this age is essential for controlling body weight in boyhood.


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