Sun protection is particularly important for the little ones

 The good news for parents is that most children's sunscreens do not contain any potentially harmful UV filters. Some do.

Photo by Kindel Media

The skin of children is especially vulnerable to the sun's UV rays.

Parents should pay special attention to the sunscreens' UV filters. They should buy chemical UV filters or the mineral filters titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for children's sunscreens.

When applying sunscreen, it's easy to see the difference between chemical and mineral UV filters. Mineral filters are more difficult to smear on the skin, resulting in what is known as the "whitening effect".

This phenomenon has a positive side, particularly in children. This allows parents to determine whether they forgot to apply cream to the tip of their child's nose or cheek.

There are also UV filters that are considered questionable. These include octocrylene and homosalate, both of which may have hormonal effects.


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