The LG UHD TV (UN7070): The best Smart TV for entertainment and gaming

 Show off all of your entertainment. The LG UHD TV (UN7070), which comes in a range of sizes, is designed with genuine 4K displays for four times the resolution of standard TV. Its processor improves color, contrast, clarity, and detail, and its compatibility with Google Home and Alexa makes voice control simple.

LG UHD TV (UN7070)
LG : Source

With a quad-core 4K processor driving this 70-inch TV, noise in videos is eliminated, resulting in vivid colors and contrasts. Low-resolution images are also processed and reproduced with a quality that is as close to 4K as is possible. 

The LG TV provides the Filmmaker Mode to accurately replicate the colors and tones used in the recording of the movie, as well as the Game Optimizer, which has all the settings specific to gaming.

It features Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).You can see the action in almost real time thanks to the incredibly low input lag*. Now you have the advantage—especially in multiplayer games—to react to the action as it develops and ahead of your competitors.

The webOS 6.0 operating system, which provides access to the most well-known services like Netflix, NOW TV, Prime video, YouTube, RaiPlay, DAZN, Disney +, Rakuten TV, and Apple tv, is present on board. This allows users to enjoy multimedia and the possibility of enjoying streaming and on-demand content. It can also be controlled using the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants . 

There is a pointer on the remote control, which is useful for quickly navigating the menus.


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