This invention can extract a pail of water from the air every day.

This important invention, according to the University of Texas, can extract a gallon of water from the air every day.

It is a sort of soft gel created from two common and affordable ingredients: plant cellulose and a food-grade adhesive known as conch gum in English. They pull water from the air together and use less energy.

To begin with, the glue draws water in the air. Cellulose is then manufactured in such a way that it heats up and releases water, allowing the glue's collected water to escape.

The best results were obtained during the test, with 13 kg of water produced per kilogramme of water produced at 30% humidity in the air. Since then, it has accumulated 6 litres of water in arid situations with up to 15% air humidity, which is a huge advancement. However, it has the potential to be even more valuable.

Above all, the gel may be produced at a minimal cost, with raw materials costing up to two dollars per kilogramme. This technology, on the other hand, can be employed for large-scale water extraction.


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