Three foreign combatants have been sentenced to death in Russian-occupied Ukraine


According to a foreign news outlet, the Moscow-backed separatist Region Donetsk has been condemned to death after two British and a Moroccan fighter were captured fighting for Ukraine.

A court in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine declared British citizen Eden Aslan, 48-year-old Sean Paner, and Moroccan Brahim Saudan guilty of terrorism, according to reports.

Both British individuals claimed that we were serving as soldiers in the Ukrainian army and hence should be protected under the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War.

Russia's state media, on the other hand, has labelled him a mercenary.

Top British officials slammed the decision almost immediately.

According to sources, the three convicted will have one month to appeal their sentences, and if their appeal is accepted, they could be sentenced to life or 25 years in prison rather than execution.

This is a significant change. To put pressure on the world's powers, Russia will offer more detainees. Two of them is a British citizen, as you can see. Russia is shrewdly playing the game, putting Moscow-backed rebels in the front lines to cope with this.


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