Saturday, June 4, 2022

Yamaha Pakistan raises motorcycle prices

 Yamaha, a multinational motorcycle manufacturer, has increased the price of motorcycles in Pakistan for the third year in a row.

The company has raised prices for the third time this year - Photo: Yamaha Pakistan

Yamaha increased motorcycle prices by Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,000 in February of this year, followed by another increase in April.

The company raised the price of bikes for the third time in the last six months in early June, and this time it increased not only Rs 15,000 but also Rs 21,000 to Rs 23,000 at the same time.

The new price of the YBR 125 will now be Rs 255,000, according to the company's website, after a Rs 23,000 increase.

Similarly, the price of YBR 125G also increased by Rs 23,000 to Rs 268,500.

Another of the company's best-selling bikes, the YB125ZDX, received a 22,500 price increase, bringing its new price to 248,500.

The price of Yamaha's 'YB125Z' motorcycle has also gone up by Rs 21,000 to Rs 231,500, and the bike is only available in two colors: black and red.

In addition, all other bikes will come in three colors: red, black, and blue, and their design will change slightly.

Yamaha has increased the price of motorcycles, as has Honda, and other manufacturers have done so as well.

Aside from bikes, car prices have recently risen, and it is expected that they will rise even more in the coming weeks.

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