Netflix brings surround sound to all devices. The feature is now available

 Netflix's new surround sound system doesn't require a dedicated equipment. Ambeo, developed with Sennheiser, is already in the first series, including Stranger Things' fourth season. All users, regardless of subscription plan, can use the new option.

Netflix will provide movies and shows with Ambeo surround sound. The technology developed with Sennheiser transforms information from a standard surround mix (eg Dolby Atmos) so it can be played on stereo systems.

When the stereo is configured as the default audio output, the option is activated. If the user is not using a smartphone, Ambeo surround sound will be active when streaming in high quality. All Netflix subscribers can use it. In Dolby Atmos, you must get the top package.

Few projects feature modern surround sound. It includes Stranger Things, The Witcher, Red Note, and Resident Evil. Simply search Netflix for "Spatial Audio" to see which titles support the new method. Adding Ambeo isn't automated and involves extra work, so more content will take time. Sennheiser says the conversion is straightforward and quick.


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