Oppo has introduced the Enco X2 ANC headphones.

 These headphones are worth your attention.

Oppo Enco X2's first impressions are positive. Standard sets include three rubber bands (S, M, L), a USB-A to USB-C cable, a user manual, and a warranty card.


The set includes a charging case in the form of a "luxurious" oval tablet measuring 66 x 49.3 x 22.7 mm and weighing 47 grammes. It fits in your hand or small pockets and lets you open with one hand, which is very convenient. The only aluminium part of this "slippery" high-quality plastic case is the bracket.

The Oppo Enco X2 case has a


USB-C charging port, a hidden function button, an information LED on the outside and inside, and decorative elements. The grey name of the manufacturer on the lid and information about Oppo and Dynaudio are minimalist but eye-catching additions. The company with extensive music experience was supposed to give Oppo Enco X2 a high-quality sound.

The 4.7-gram headphones have a standard "Apple" design, with a touchpad on the "stem." At the bottom of the latter are charging contacts and a microphone. Here, pay special attention to the rubber band shape on the handle, which allows the internal microphone to work. Antibacterial and dirt-resistant rubber bands have oval holes protected by mesh, which was damaged during my tests.

IP54 certification confirms that the headphones (not the case) are dust- and moisture-resistant. Case has 566-mAh battery and headphones have 57 mAh. Wire or wireless charging fully charges the Oppo Enco X2 in 90 minutes. Depending on the codec and mode (ANC or spatial), the battery lasts 9.5 to 6.5 hours, which the case extends to 27 and 40 hours. After inserting the headphones into a charged case, it takes 15 minutes to reach 50%, 35 minutes to reach 80%, and an hour to reach 100%.

The brand's flagship app has both traditional and extra features. In the app, we can check the charge level of the headphones and case, update the firmware, adjust the control options, and scan our ear canals for matching rubber bands.

HeyMelody can also be used to test our hearing aid by adjusting the sound within predefined profiles, selecting a codec, or activating game mode (lower quality, but also lower delay). Most important? Connecting to two devices at once and using only one earphone. Enco X2 helps Google Fast Pair from the start.

The Enco X2's unusual touch functions take hours to master. If you're used to the ANC headphones' standard 'taps' The Enco X2 requires two fingers (apart from driving along the stalk to adjust the volume level). It's hard for me to say whether squeezing the stem is better than standard touches. It requires more attention and is more complicated, but we avoid accidental activation and don't push the headphones deeper into the ear canal.

11-mm dynamic and 6-mm planar drivers and Bluetooth 5.2 ensure sound quality and connection stability. Thanks to Oppo's partnership with Dynaudio, we can count on a stable connection, low delay, and unique sound quality. Enco X2 supports LHDC 4.0, AAC, and a non-standard frequency response of 20-40,000 Hz, which are all improvements over the original model.

ANC mode, after activating intelligent intensity management, eliminates every, even persistent noise to a barely audible level (Oppo boasts an efficiency of up to 45 dB for a reason). When driving a car and tilting the window, Enco X2 can mute 80-90% of noise, while ambient mode only slightly dampens and distorts environmental sounds.


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