Raider X helicopter armament revealed in graphics and new photos

 Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky has been talking up its Raider X helicopter. View the Raider X helicopter's prototype and weapons.

Armament of the Raider X aircraft disclosed in images and diagrams

Raider X helicopter

Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky introduced the Raider X recon helicopter in October 2019 for quick reconnaissance and strikes. The proposal competes with Boeing's 360 Invictus for the US Army's FARA programme. Sikorsky has 98% of the parts needed to finish the Raider, and the helicopter is 90% complete, according to Jay Macklin, head of development for Sikorsky Army Programs and Innovations.

Above is official art of the Raider X prototype with Hellfire rounds and a 20mm rifle. The American helicopter company showed a shot of the Raider X prototype alongside the graphics. This photo from the company's West Palm Beach, Florida, testing site confirms the weapons.

Lockheed Martin said Raider X uses production methods from CH-53K, CH-148, and F-35. This reduces deployment costs and simplifies upgrading the base and equipment to meet future hazards. Radier X's avionics and mission systems use MOSA and fly-by-wire technologies. Plug-and-play sensor, module, and weapon configurations increase versatility and survivability.

Sikorsky's work is based on the S-97 Raider and X2. The Raider X is a coaxial, counter-rotating rotorcraft with a rear-mounted propeller. This link will power the General Electric T901-GE-900 (GE3000) turboshaft engine, limiting the Radier X's speed, altitude, and manoeuvrability.


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