The youngest professor in Poland

 A professor is typically thought to be an experienced individual who cannot be considered young, at the very least. According to Professor Mateusz Hoda of the Jagiellonian University, who is also the youngest researcher to have a chair in Poland's history. Experience and skills are not always correlated with age.

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Prof. Hoda holds two records. He was the first in the country to obtain a doctoral degree during his master's studies. He obtained the professorship before the age of 30.

He works with cardiomorphology, or the study of heart structure, every day. He is the head of a multidisciplinary team at Jagiellonian University conducting extensive research in this area.

He recalls that the beginnings were simple in an interview with Onet: "We started with a basement in the attic and a calliper acquired in a DIY store."

He modestly says of himself: "I don't think I'm better than other people. possibly more tenacious or diligent. "

The researcher emphasises that although there is still much to learn about the science of the heart, our knowledge has greatly increased.

He offers his patients three pieces of advice: lose weight, stay away from sweet and fatty foods, and walk more. A plea is also made to save the corpse after death for scientific purposes and to preserve the organs for transplantation.

He was 22 years old when he published his first research paper. H has been working in science for nine years, as research must be done before anything is published, and the initial papers took roughly two years.


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