Flood-affected 6.5 lakh pregnant women are in dire need of medical services

The agency added that pregnancy and childbirth cannot wait for emergencies or natural disasters to end — Photo: AFP

The sexual and reproductive health agency of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has presented a bleak picture of women affected by the floods, saying that at least 6.5 lakh pregnant women in these areas, of which 73 thousand are expected to give birth next month, there is a dire need for maternal health services.

The UN agency also warned that many women and girls are at increased risk of gender-based violence as nearly 1 million houses have been damaged in the floods, Dawn newspaper reported .

73,000 women are expected to give birth by next month and will need specialist midwives, newborn care and support, the agency said.

The agency added that pregnancy and childbirth cannot wait for emergencies or natural calamities to end as a woman and child need the most care.

UNFPA Pakistan Acting Representative Dr. Bakhtiar Kadyrov said that UNFPA is working with partners to ensure that pregnant women and new mothers receive life-saving services even in the most difficult situations. Working'.

According to the United Nations agency, more than 1,000 health facilities were partially or completely damaged in Sindh, while 198 health facilities were damaged in the affected districts of Balochistan.

Damage to roads and bridges has further affected access to health facilities for girls and women, the agency added.

We will continue to support health facilities with equipment and human resources to fully function despite the challenging humanitarian situation," said Dr. Bakhtiar Kadyrov.

To accelerate its emergency response, UNFPA Pakistan procured 8,311 Dignity Kits, 7,411 Neonatal Kits, and 6,412 Clean Delivery Kits for immediate delivery in Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

The UN agency has said it is also prioritizing gender-based violence prevention and response services, including medical and psychological support.


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