How are Putin's agents infiltrating Germany?

 According to Der Spiegel, tens of thousands of Russian covert agents wage a shadow war against the West. And the paper  wonders why the Berlin government awoke so late.

Putin's agents spying Germany

The most recent revelations of investigative journalists from the German weekly "Der Spiegel," the platforms Bellingcat and The Insider, and the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" shed light on the actions of Russian intelligence services in the West. "Tens of thousands of colleagues of the Russian FSB security service, SWR intelligence, and GRU military intelligence are engaged in a shadow war against the West for power, influence, and raw commodities. This war has lasted significantly longer than the conflict in Ukraine, according to "Der Spiegel." ".

The Russian intelligence agencies employ a network of illegal, or undercover, agents. According to journalists, one of them was Maria Adela K., an official businesswoman who vanished for five months in 2018. She then alerted her Facebook pals that she had cancer. There are numerous evidence that the disease news from 2018 was fabricated, writes the weekly.

In reality, the woman was supposed to be a GRU spy operating against NATO and US personnel at the Naples base. In reality, her name is Olga Vasilievna K., and she was born in the south of Russia in 1982. Der Spiegel says, "It is possible that she was also spying in Germany."


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