Surprising Benefits of a Two-Minute Walk After a Meal for sugar and blood pressure patients

Walking has many benefits—Photo: Shutterstock

A recent study found that just a two-minute walk after a meal can help protect against high blood pressure and blood sugar.

According to a report published in the medical website Healthline , experts recently reviewed data from seven studies that examined the health effects of walking and standing after eating. .

Of the 7 studies, 5 included people who had no blood sugar or blood pressure problems, while the remaining two included people with diabetes due to obesity.

Experts re-examined data from seven of these studies and concluded that even just a two-minute walk after a meal can help control blood sugar and blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease.

The report stated that the amount of glucose in the human body increases after a meal, while the singer's amount reaches its peak after one to one and a half hours, which can lead to problems like blood sugar due to the increase in the amount of the hormone called insulin. .

According to experts, research has shown that if you just walk for 20 to 30 minutes or more after a meal, the amount of insulin can be reduced, which can cause blood sugar or blood pressure to rise in a person. The chances are reduced.

The report also found that eating while standing up is more beneficial than sitting down, while standing up after a meal is also good for health and appears to improve blood sugar levels, but the reason for not walking is not. The amount of insulin does not decrease.

Experts suggest that by making a routine of walking one or one and a half hours after eating, not only blood sugar can be avoided, but it can also control blood pressure, which is the cause of many diseases including heart disease


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