The world's first filter to stop plastic particles in water is ready.

South Korean experts have created the world's first filter to prevent microscopic plastic particles from water

They are now ubiquitous in the environment, including water, and so an eco-friendly filter has been developed that can filter out microplastic particles from water. It is also touted as the world's first microplastic blocking filter.

Scientists at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea have developed an environmentally friendly technology that specifically removes micro- and nano-sized particles from water.

On the other hand, water can usually contain plastic particles up to 5 mm and can be extremely harmful to both humans and animals. These plastic particles have even been found in human blood. A team of United Nations experts continues to consider the human impact of microplastics.

Dr. Cho Hyukil of the Daegu Institute and his colleagues, in collaboration with other institutions in Korea, have developed an electrical device that separates fine plastic particles from water by electrophoresis.

However, it works in a triboelectric fashion and the filter also has a deep penetrating membrane structure that traps plastic particles many times better than other filters. No environmentally friendly and toxic compounds are used in the filter.

Research on this filter has been published in the journal Nano Energy.


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