Apple imposes trends - they canceled 3.5mm, the charger in the package, and now they are canceling something else

 Apple heroically destroyed the 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7 series seven years ago, and the iPhone 14 now signals the death of another component that we previously believed was impossibly hard to kill. A bit of a bipolar brand is Apple. On the one hand, it pioneers fashion and bravely treads where no one has gone before, but on the other, it frequently falls behind rivals when it comes to putting certain functions on its phones. It was highly audacious of them to release the iPhone 7 series in 2017 without a 3.5mm audio port for headphones, and nobody did not make fun of them at the time. First of all, their major competitors did this in order to eliminate the headphone jack in their phones when they released the following model.

Apple imposes trends

Similar circumstances occurred when the first companies brazenly began supplying the iPhone 12 series without a charger in the box two years ago. The situation kept happening. After being criticised and mocked at first, their fiercest competitors followed suit.

The iPhone 14 Pro variants, which were unveiled this week, show how Apple falls behind of the competition in the Android camp on numerous fronts. Since Android users have been utilising AlwaysON displays for a very long time, these are the first iPhone models to support them. When I give Apple's AlwaysON a try one of these days, I'll probably be able to tell for myself that they improved it. The iPhone 14 series may have gone past your notice, but it ushers in a fresh style. Apple will once more take the lead and eliminate something. Others will make fun of them and then follow suit. You might have missed it, but the American-market iPhone 14 series does not include a SIM card tray. It will only use eSIM.

Apple asserts that this has numerous advantages. One stores water, and the other makes more room inside for other parts. The second, that switching phones is simpler, is untrue. Perhaps an iPhone 14 for an iPhone 15? In any event, this is a backdoor introduction of the notchless iPhone, which has been rumoured for some time. We won't be surprised if the iPhone has no apertures by the fall of 2024, given that the EU and Apple are required to remove the Lightning port and replace it with a USB C port. The SIM tray should first be removed.


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