For Ryzen, AMD has a new naming scheme.

 AMD has introduced a new naming scheme for its Ryzen processors that will be used starting in 2023 in all mobile variants. According to AMD, it was a necessary step because the current naming scheme would make it difficult to offer new CPUs to the market.

AMD has a new naming scheme

From the next year, AMD Ryzen processors for mobile devices will be referred to using the new system. After memorising the key table, enthusiasts will be able to immediately identify a processor's release year (2023, 2024, or 2025), the architecture it employs (beginning with Zen 1), and its TDP. Each character will define certain criteria.

According to AMD, the new naming scheme has been developed so that most consumers can easily understand it while advanced users can study the specifics of the processor's specifications. The letter denotes the TDP level, whereas a higher number merely denotes a more modern and/or efficient Ryzen model. It is difficult to argue against the idea that everyone will be able to point to a computer in the store that is outfitted with a higher processor in this way, even intuitively.

According to AMD, the new nomenclature is specifically required for mobile processors because of the market's explosive growth and the need for the development of new CPU segments. According to data from the first quarter of 2022, AMD provides twice as many mobile Ryzens than it did two years ago.


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