Health benefits of avocado seeds. They lower Cholesterol

If you want a nice body, to get rid of digestive problems and have healthy intestines, to lower your cholesterol, to protect your body from harmful radicals that can cause cancer, and to avoid heart disease, you should eat avocados and, most of all, the stone.

Avocado seeds lower cholesterol

Health benefits of avocado seeds:

• Contains lutein to control oxidative and inflammatory stress.
• Avocado seeds contain the highest amounts of antioxidants found in plants. The avocado fruit itself is an antioxidant bomb that protects us against diseases, so you should be interested in the fact that its seed contains as much as 70% more antioxidants than the flesh itself.
• The polyphenols contained in the seeds strengthen the immune system and stimulate anti-inflammatory effects.
• Avocado seeds are rich in fiber. The huge content of soluble fiber
is beneficial for our health and body shape. • Avocado
seed extract lowers LDL cholesterol. • The seeds contain vitamins A and E
which are responsible for healthy hair and strong nails . These vitamins also have a positive effect on our skin.
• Another beneficial ingredient is folic acid, which is of particular importance for the functioning of the body and cells of the human body. The deficiency of this compound affects
many metabolic reactions, it can also disrupt the development and growth process,
which is why its supplementation is recommended for pregnant women.
How to crush an avocado pit?

Dry the stone for 2-3 days in the sun or on a radiator. Then put it in a plastic bag and break the stone with a hammer, then put it in a blender and blend it to powder. You can also grate the pestle. The seeds are quite bitter, so it's best to add them to smoothies, smoothies or self-squeezed juices.
Is the avocado seed poisonous?

On various internet forums, questions often arise: Is avocado seed poisonous ? Anyone who has this question awake at night can breathe a sigh of relief. For humans, the avocado seed is harmless. But where did you get the information that it would be poisonous? It is probably about the persin (C23H40O4) contained in this plant - that is, a natural chemical substance that is actually inedible or even poisonous for some species.

Moreover, unlike the seeds of other fruits, avocado seeds do not contain cyanide. Instead, they contain tannins, which can be toxic, but you would have to eat huge amounts of them to experience side effects. Certainly, we will not provide this amount of tannins with an avocado seed.


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