Where do the iPhone's components come from?

 Many industries are facing a significant component scarcity, thus some businesses had to come up with alternate solutions and were successful in doing so. like Apple, which creates components for its various iPhone models globally.

Apple Coponents

The screens are made by the South Korean companies Samsung and LG, the battery is produced by the Chinese company Sunwoda Electronic, the microchips are produced by "third-party" manufacturers, the flash memory is created by the Japanese company Kioxa, and the display port interface is created by the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors.


Everything pertaining to the camera is also being developed in Japan, and Sony is in charge of it. American company Qualcomm is in charge of the 5G solutions, while Chinese company USI is in charge of the WiFi module and Apple itself produces the A15 processor in the United States. Apple is simultaneously bolstering its other business sectors so that it is less dependent on the iPhone.


Sales of the company's entertainment division, which includes iTunes and Apple TV, contributed for 19% of total sales. Wearables like the Apple Watch and smart audio products are also increasing year over year, and the Mac and iPad category remains stable at 10%.

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