Dozens of Pakistanis are being disabled every day due to diabetes

Samaa TV Urdu 

Experts say that dozens of Pakistanis are being disabled from cutting feet every day as a result of complications of diabetes. 

Addressing the concluding session of the three-day conference in Karachi, experts said that the number of disabled people in Pakistan due to cutting of feet due to complications of diabetes is increasing day by day and it is estimated that every year about 4 00,000 people in Pakistan are amputated due to injuries caused by diabetes. 

According to experts, if people suffering from diabetes are made aware and 3,000 clinics are set up in the country to treat foot injuries caused by diabetes, then 70 to 80 percent of the people can be saved from disability. 

The conference was organized by the National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan in collaboration with The International Diabetes Federation, Diabetic Foot International and Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology. 

Addressing the conference, Dr. Saiful Haq, President, National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan said that diabetes is not yet seen as a major health problem in Pakistan even though the number of deaths and disabilities as a result has reached millions. 

Dr. Saif-ul-Haq said that the number of people suffering from diabetes in Pakistan has increased so much that it is no longer possible to treat all of them and only by spreading awareness, people can be saved from the complications of this disease. 

Renowned diabetologist Prof Dr Zahid Mian, Prof Abdul Basit, Prof Zaman Sheikh and experts from France, Italy, Lebanon, South Africa and other countries addressed the conference. 

On this occasion, three renowned health experts of Pakistan, Professor Ejaz Vohra, Professor Tahir Hussain and Dr. Fatima Javed were also given lifetime achievement awards. 

In the closing ceremony of the conference, three young doctors and researchers were also awarded cash prizes for their research efforts. 



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