How many hours of sleep per day can prevent life-threatening chronic diseases?

who sleep for 5 hours or less in middle age have an increased risk of multiple chronic diseases, according to a new medical study. 

This was revealed in a new medical study. 

The study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, looked at 8,000 British civil servants who had not been diagnosed with any chronic disease until the age of 50. 

At that time, their sleep duration was determined and then these people were evaluated for 25 years. 

During this period, they were asked several times how long their sleep was each night. 

The results showed that people aged 50 years or older, if their sleep duration was 5 hours or less, increased their risk of multiple chronic diseases by 30 percent over time. 

At the age of 60, the risk of getting infected with these diseases increases by 32 and by the age of 70, the risk of getting infected with these diseases increases by 40 percent. 

Research has shown that such people are at an increased risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure, lung disease, kidney disease, liver disease, depression, dementia, mental illness and joint pain. 

Earlier research reports have proved that people who sleep less than 7 hours have a higher risk of chronic diseases. 

The researchers who were part of this new study admitted that their work is somewhat limited because it relied on people's stated data. 

But he said there was a link between shorter sleep duration in middle age and the risk of chronic diseases in old age. 

He added that the results show the importance of good sleep and at least 7 hours of sleep can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases


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