Imran Khan used Cable to suggest that an international conspiracy was to blame for his otherwise legal removal: Dawn

 Cablegate was merely a deceptive ruse, as time has amply demonstrated. A diplomatic cable was taken over by Imran Khan, who then used it as a lethal weapon. He used it to suggest that an international conspiracy was to blame for his otherwise legal removal. He persuaded his adherents to believe he was a victim of a powerful international conspiracy headed by Pakistan's military intelligence service and was therefore a martyr.

At a time when Mr. Khan seemed destined for an unceremonious retirement, this "strategic" fabrication immediately reversed the PTI's fortunes. He was recently questioned about the effects of the PM Office audio leak, which also included him and his principal secretary, and his confident, audacious response showed just how much he thought his strategy had succeeded.

Consider Mr. Khan's reasoning for acting on the advice of Pakistan's ambassador to the United States: "We only have to play with this, that this date [of the no-trust vote] was [chosen] previously," he told his chief secretary.

That differs from what he said in his speech at the significant "Amar Bil Maroof" demonstration in Islamabad days before he was eventually ousted: "We have known about this conspiracy for months [...] The Pakistani government is being overthrown through the use of foreign funding. Our workers is being used. I'm going to give you the justification for Pakistan's independence. I want to challenge anyone who questions the letter I have as evidence.

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