In France, Toyota and Peugeot were stolen using a wireless speaker

 Car thieves come up with new and inventive ways to steal other people's cars every day.

Steal a car with a speakers


Some contemporary safety features in automobiles have rather commonplace weaknesses. Thus, two car thieves were recently apprehended in France by the police after they attempted to steal a vehicle using a Bluetooth speaker from the American company JBL, albeit a slightly improved one.


During a search of a stolen Peugeot 2008, a peculiar column with a quick-access software key embroidered inside was found. A universal "key" for breaking into cars can be purchased on the black market for just $5,000, according to further investigation by the police.


A YouTube video detailing how to use this device is also included with the revised column. In addition to Peugeot cars, such a key can also break the security of Toyota and Lexus cars. At the same time, car thieves need a little less than a minute for the entire procedure of opening the lock. Hacking occurs when the speaker is connected to the car's multimedia system via a USB cable.

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