Popcorn is a true diet snack if prepared properly

 The calorie value of popcorn varies according to how it was made. A modest glass of homemade popcorn contains only 81 calories, or 351 calories for 100 g. When you add fat to popcorn, its calorific value rises. Microwave popcorn (particularly buttery popcorn) and sweet caramel popcorn are also higher in calories.


Popcorn is a true diet snack

Popcorn can be very caloric as well as dietary. Everything is dependent on how it is prepared. Homemade, fat-free popcorn has the fewest calories, whereas butter and sweet popcorn have the most.


Popcorn - nutritional values

Popcorn is made from dried corn, which is roasted.

100 g of popcorn has:

  • 387 kcal
  • 12.9 g of protein
  • 4.3 grams of fat
  • 77.8 g of carbohydrates
  • 14.5 g of fiber
  • 7 g of calcium,
  • 3.19 mg iron
  • 144 mg of magnesium
  • 358 mg phosphorus
  • 329 mg of potassium
  • 8 mg of salt (much more if the popcorn is salted)
  • 3.08 mg zinc
  • 21.1 mg of choline.

An examination of the nutritional value of popcorn reveals that it is a nutritious and healthy snack. However, it is all dependent on the additives that are frequently added to popcorn. The above nutritional values are for popcorn without salt, oil, or sugar.


Is popcorn fat or dietary?

Popcorn can be classified as a dietary snack. Its primary advantages are its vast volume and light weight. A few handfuls of popcorn can satisfy your hunger or want to munch while providing you with less than 100 kcal. Even on a slimming diet, homemade fat-free popcorn can be consumed. However, keep in mind that popcorn frequently contains a lot of salt. In this form, it is not the healthiest. It's better if you make your own popcorn without adding salt or excess fat.


Is popcorn healthy?


Popcorn, which is made from roasted corn grains, is unquestionably nutritious. If you add a lot of salt to it, it becomes much more harmful to your health. Excess salt in the diet (which most Poles monitor) is the cause of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Microwave popcorn, particularly buttered popcorn, is no longer considered healthful. Palm oil with additions frequently imitates the taste of butter. If you are concerned about your health, avoid this sort of popcorn.

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