Three good reasons: Why you should switch off your smartphone at night

 Many smartphones stay on all the time and only turn off when the battery runs out. In fact, both the phone and its users will live longer if the phone is turned off every night before bed. We'll show you why this is also true in the next section.

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Extend cell phone lifespan


Most people don't use their cell phones at night. Instead, they put them on standby or charge them and leave them on their nightstands while they sleep.


When lithium-ion batteries are charged for too long, like overnight, it hurts them and makes them less powerful. Even if the phone isn't plugged in to the charger but is just sitting on the nightstand in idle mode, it still uses power. This could be because the phone is always connected to the cell tower or because apps are running in the background. Because of this, the cell phone needs to be charged more often.


But many smartphones can only be charged a certain number of times before the battery's performance starts to get worse. This means that if you charge your phone overnight for too long, it will hurt the battery. Don't charge your phone at night, because it still loses power and needs to be charged.


It is better to simply turn off the cell phone to save the battery and thus extend the life of the smartphone.


Fix bugs and problems


If your cell phone gets stuck or an app freezes, restarting it can help. Because this causes a "soft reset," and the operating system shuts down completely. Running programs are closed, WLAN and SIM connections are set, and the main memory is also cleared.


Minor bugs or other complications with the functionality can be fixed in many cases.


More restful sleep


The cell phone is always on, and we are always getting messages, e-mails, and calls. Because of this, a lot of people say they have trouble focusing.


In her thesis, a student at the International School of Management in Hamburg showed that taking breaks from our phones is good for our mental health. Regular breaks cut down on the need to use cell phones and make it easier to work or relax.


Therefore, instead of using Instagram, WhatsApp & Co. before going to bed, we recommend simply switching off the smartphone and reading a book or listening to an audio book, for example.




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