An inch's increase in the waist increases the chances of heart failure by 10 percent, research has said.

A new study has found that every inch of waist width increases the risk of heart failure by 11 percent.



The study, presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona, showed that people who had a very wide waist were 3.21 times more likely to have heart failure than thin people.



Dr. Audipopo Ogantade, the head of the study, confirmed that the amount of fat around the stomach is important in this problem of the heart.

In the study conducted at Oxford University , researchers looked at 430,000 people for 13 years. During the study, 8669 such cases were reported in which someone suffered heart failure for the first time, many of these cases also died.



British Heart Foundation James Lyper said that heart failure is a chronic and untreatable  condition that gets worse over time, so these results illustrate the importance of taking care of your weight.


Experts have also urged people to keep measuring their waist from time to time, warning that more important than losing weight is to reduce the fat around the stomach.




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