Blindness, paralysis, kidney failure, diabetes is the biggest cause of heart attack,

: Medical experts have said that diabetes is increasing rapidly in Pakistan and at present the number of diabetes patients in the country has exceeded 33 million.

There are misconceptions and superstitions among people about diabetes, which is considered a silent killer. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness, paralysis, kidney failure and heart attack. The complications of this disease can be avoided by controlling weight and waist, eating moderately and exercising and walking daily.

If someone gets diabetes despite efforts, then he should be taken care of as a life partner. Patients should not ignore the doctor's instructions and do not try to treat themselves at home. There is a need to create a network by creating a volunteer force at the government level as well as at the private level regarding this disease.

These views were expressed by the health experts at an awareness seminar organized by Prof. Dr. M. Zaman Sheikh, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Karachi and Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine in collaboration with Express Media Group on World Diabetes Day at a local hotel in Lahore.

Pharmaceutical companies HIGH-Q, Sanofi, AGP Pharma, Getz Pharma, Servier, Macter, Barret Hodgson, Hilton Pharma and Highnoon collaborated for the seminar.

Ajmal Sattar Malik, Editor, Express Forum welcomed the distinguished guests and attendees to the seminar and said that diabetes is a very dangerous disease, which has more than 33 million patients in the country, so emergency measures need to be taken to control this disease. He thanked the attendees for their arrival.

Assistant Professor of Medicine Rashid Latif Medical College and Joint Secretary Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine Dr. Wafa Qaiser presided over the seminar.

Prof. Dr. Zaman Sheikh, Chairman, Diabetes Control Program Pakistan, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine, Head of The Department of Medicine, Sir Syed Medical College Karachi thanked The Express Media Group and the pharmaceutical companies that supported in organizing this seminar. If one pill is given to patients in one group, it benefits and if the same pill is given to the other group of patients, it can be harmed, so do not ignore the doctor's instructions at all.

Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, former Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences said that 40 percent of the patients do not know of suffering from diabetes until their kidneys fail or they have paralysis. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, stroke, heart attack. Everyone should not let himself suffer from diabetes and if he has diabetes, take care of him like a life partner so that he can see the color of life.

Endocrinologist Professor Gulshad Hasan said that diabetes complications can be controlled by reducing blood pressure, smoking and cholesterol. Professor Dr. Soumya Sattar, head of the department of medicine at King Edward Medical University, said that this disease is called Umm-ul-Muhriz, women complain of fatigue, fatigue, etc. but it is not taken seriously. If there is weight loss and fatigue, then a diabetes test should be done.

Professor Dr Tariq Waseem, head of the department of medicine at Akhtar Saeed Medical College, said that the first step to control this disease is not to allow the disease to happen and if it does, it should not be allowed to be complicated as a second step so that its losses can be minimized.

Medical Director Diabetes Institute of Pakistan Dr Muhammad Imtiaz Hasan said that insulin is the last treatment for diabetes, which is absolutely wrong, while the main thing is that insulin is the better treatment. If the doctor asks to apply insulin, accept it so that later complications can be avoided.

Chief Executive Officer and Consultant Nutritionist Akram Medical Complex Dr. Shehla Akram said that people avoid going to the nutritionist and talk about starting olive oil by leaving bread and rice, but every meal has to make sugar. We should adopt the habit of eating something five times instead of 3, but we should eat less. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, something must be eaten at 11 am and 5 pm.

Dr Sajid Obaidullah, former professor of medicine at King Edward Medical University, said that fatty liver is not being taken seriously. If the patient with diabetes has liver fat, then he needs to contact the doctor and take it seriously.

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