Do you know about damage to human health due to the shortness of the day?

As the days get shorter, the risk of negative effects on people's mood also increases.



If you often experience sadness, frustration, or similar feelings in cold weather, it's not just about you.


In fact, millions of people around the world suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SEED), due to which they suffer from problems such as depression and fatigue.

A study by Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine found that 34 percent of Pakistan's population suffers from depression and

lack of depression, according to a study by Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.


According to research, people can be diagnosed with clinical depression when the duration of the day is reduced, which is called seed, but in some people its severity is moderate.


People experiencing moderate severity of depression may also experience some difficulties, the study added.


Researchers say that along with feeling lethargic, people can feel more hungry, while the desire for foods increases, which can increase body weight.


He further said that such people do not feel much enjoyment in their hobbies, while in life, commitment starts feeling less.


He said that it is a type of depression that is faced due to natural weather, it starts every year in autumn and winter, while people recover in spring and summer.


He said that sunlight acts as a regulator for our body and provides signals to the body clock.


According to the researchers, the duration of sunlight decreases in winter, one solution is bright light therapy, which can help activate the functions of the body clock and make the mood pleasant.


Similarly, the risk of seasonal depression can also be reduced by being physically active in the winter.


He suggested that it is also important to adopt a schedule of sleep and wakefulness which also reduces the risk of depression.

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