Foods that cause stomach gas

Although every person can face a problem of gas in the stomach, some people are more affected.

 Excess gas in the stomach often proves to be painful.

 During this problem, the stomach swells due to air filling which can be due to several reasons.

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 However, it is often due to excessive use of certain foods about which knowing can be helpful in avoiding this problem.

 Apples  are a very beneficial fruit for health, but it can cause gas in the stomach because it contains a type of sugar sorbitol.

 Many people's bodies are unable to absorb this sugar, as a result of which they face problems like gas and flatulence.

 Due to the starch present in this vegetable, some people face the problem of flatulence and excess gas.

 This pea-green vegetable contains a type of sugar galacto-oligosaccharides, which is the food of bacteria present in the stomach, which produces extra gas.

 Coffee and tea prevent caffeine constipation in these drinks, but it can also cause the problem of excess gas.

 Barley porridge is often used for breakfast, barley porridge contains a lot of fiber, which keeps the feeling of fullness for a long time.





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