Giving up medicines that eliminate harmful cholesterol is harmful

A new study has found that the use of statins should be continued throughout life.

According to research conducted at Queen Mary University in London, patients who stop using cholesterol-depleting drugs lose the safety provided to their heart.

Scientists say this is due to the main benefits of these cheap pills that are not visible before later life.

About 8 million Britons and 32 million Americans eat statins daily to eliminate heart problems caused by high blood pressure.

But about half of the patients are believed to stop taking the drug thinking about its disadvantages. These disadvantages include muscle pain, digestive problems, and headaches.

Lead author Dr. Rangoo Wu from Queen Mary University said that stopping treatment without the advice of a physician would not be a reasonable decision.

Statins are a combination of medicines that prevent the liver from making harmful cholesterol.

An increase in harmful cholesterol over time can lead to stiff and narrow arteries and heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world.

Currently, those who are diagnosed with this disease or have had someone in their family in the past, the doctor writes them a statement.

Patients who stop taking these medications have their cholesterol rising rapidly back in a few weeks. However, many people do not use it regularly or stop using it for fear of harm.


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