Gmail creator developer hints at ending Google search engine monopoly

File Gmail developer Paul Buchheit has  said that google may have two or three years left before total disruption after the arrival of chatbot using artificial intelligence to replace Google's search engine.


Google's Gmail creator developer Paul Buchheit believes that the monopoly of Google search engines seems to be breaking down soon.


He said that  artificial intelligence will eliminate the pages containing search engine results from which search engines make money.


Paul Buchheit wrote in a tweet that although these people are also working on Artificial Intelligence, they will not be able to implement Artificial Intelligence by completely destroying the most important component of their business.


He further wrote that maybe Google search engine is two or three years away from its end, Google's main source of income is its advertising, where advertisers pay to print their advertising on the search engine results pages in the hope that users will click on their link.


Paul  said that Artificial Intelligence will use old search engines and lenses to show results to users, it is exactly like working with a researcher, but Artificial Intelligence will do that work much faster than a human.


He said that many people will remember one thing that before the Internet, there used to be Yellow Pages which were killed by Google, at one time Yellow Pages used to be a big business, but later Google became a great source for everyone, after which people stopped using Yellow Pages, Artificial Intelligence is going to do exactly the same thing with Google search engine. has been.


Gmail creator developer Paul  said That Google itself is working on its artificial intelligence and the company has purchased deepmined technology for conversion and voice search from an artificial intelligence company.


He said that I am constantly thinking about this and the most interesting thing is to see how all this will happen and how Artificial Intelligence closes the chapter of search engines and I am wondering whether there is a completely new interface for searching in place of search engines or something else is going to come out.


It should be noted that last week, Alan Musk's company OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which follows the written instructions given by users, it can write articles, lyrics of songs, stories, marketing pitches, script letters and even poetry.


ChatGPT's ability to solve complex queries makes it unique to the search engine and it can challenge Google's search engine monopoly. 


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