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25% tax imposed on luxury items, implementation of IMF conditions

The federal cabinet  has approved the implementation of 25  percent tax on luxury items in compliance with  imf conditions.   According to sources, the new tax rate will come into effect from March 1. Sales tax on imported mobile phones, auto CBU, chocolate, juices will be 25 percent.   Carpets, cosmetics, tissue papers, dogs and cat food are also among the items on which sales tax will be levied at the rate of 25 percent. Fish, footwear, fruits, dry fruits, furniture, ice cream, jam, jelly, leather jackets, shampoo, sunglasses, ketchup, traveling bags, suitcases, weapons, pasta, musical instruments and frozen meat will also attract 25 per cent sales tax. Sources further said that 25 percent sales tax will also be applicable on home appliances, sanitary and bathroom items, doors, window frames, decoration equipment, crockery and cornflakes.

Sleep with your eyes covered, and get mental benefits

A British scientist has proved through two different experiments that sleeping with a mask covering the eyes at night has mental benefits and the next day you wake up stronger.   Although the number of participants in the research is small, the statistical significance of this study is in its place. The reason for this is that even a little light in the bedroom can affect the brain and by stopping it, not only can you stay alert the next day, but it can also improve memory.   British scientists have tested it in two important experiments, but it has confirmed the research of Italian and American scientists who have previously said that stopping all kinds of light during sleep or complete darkness in the room can have mental benefits, the results of which are immediately revealed the next day.   In a report published in the journal Sleep, Viviana Greco of Cardiff University, and her colleagues said, "Light light on the sides during sleep can affect sleep structur

10 Fruits that protect against Cholesterol

High blood pressure or low blood pressure is also called a silent killer, which causes various life-threatening diseases and the biggest factor that causes this killer disease is cholesterol.   Cholesterol is a fat, soft and soft substance, whose fixed amount is beneficial for human health, but increasing it makes the walls of blood vessels or arteries tight and hard.   The main reason for the increase in cholesterol rate is the excessive use of fast food and unhealthy foods, which increases its rate in the blood, which causes blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases.   The use of fresh fruits is very important to control the cholesterol rate because the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants included in it increase the strength of the body's defense system as well as keep cholesterol in the blood at a healthy rate.   So know about the ten most effective fruits that keep cholesterol normal.   Strawberries   Recent medical research reports have sh

British experts also demand to limit TikTok app |

British experts have also called for limiting the TikTok app, on February 27, 2023, after the ban in many states of the United States, then after the European Union's ban, now Britain is also considering shutting down TikTok.   London: A week ago, the European Union banned the use of TikTok, especially government employees and officials, and now this pressure has shifted to Britain. The only reason behind all this is that TikTok can or is sending their data to Chinese government agencies.   It should be noted that several months ago, 26 states of the United States banned TikTok, a week ago the European Union officially issued an order that all government employees remove the app from their phones and now this pressure is echoing in Britain.   But according to analysts, the US government is still reviewing various aspects of TikTok and perhaps TikTok can be permanently closed in the US. Then after the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it has become more heated. A week e