25% tax imposed on luxury items, implementation of IMF conditions

The federal cabinet  has approved the implementation of 25  percent tax on luxury items in compliance with  imf conditions.


According to sources, the new tax rate will come into effect from March 1. Sales tax on imported mobile phones, auto CBU, chocolate, juices will be 25 percent.


Carpets, cosmetics, tissue papers, dogs and cat food are also among the items on which sales tax will be levied at the rate of 25 percent. Fish, footwear, fruits, dry fruits, furniture, ice cream, jam, jelly, leather jackets, shampoo, sunglasses, ketchup, traveling bags, suitcases, weapons, pasta, musical instruments and frozen meat will also attract 25 per cent sales tax.

Sources further said that 25 percent sales tax will also be applicable on home appliances, sanitary and bathroom items, doors, window frames, decoration equipment, crockery and cornflakes.


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