Sleep with your eyes covered, and get mental benefits

A British scientist has proved through two different experiments that sleeping with a mask covering the eyes at night has mental benefits and the next day you wake up stronger.


Although the number of participants in the research is small, the statistical significance of this study is in its place. The reason for this is that even a little light in the bedroom can affect the brain and by stopping it, not only can you stay alert the next day, but it can also improve memory.


British scientists have tested it in two important experiments, but it has confirmed the research of Italian and American scientists who have previously said that stopping all kinds of light during sleep or complete darkness in the room can have mental benefits, the results of which are immediately revealed the next day.


In a report published in the journal Sleep, Viviana Greco of Cardiff University, and her colleagues said, "Light light on the sides during sleep can affect sleep structure and timing. That is, wearing a mask on the eyes makes you mentally and physically more active the next day and it also improves memory.


In the first experiment, people between the ages of 18 and 35 were wearing masks during sleep for a week. A week later, they were told not to wear a mask or to wear a mask in which holes had been made on the eye part.



During this time, all participants were tested twice a week. Mask-wearers performed well in word-adding and matching tests, which are standard tests of memory and memory. People who slept with their eyes covered also had a much better reaction.


In the second experiment, 33 people were included, who were 18 to 35 years old this time. He was given an eye mask one day and not given a mask the next day. This continued for several days, but each volunteer was wearing a band on their heads, noting brain activity. It was found that brain waves proved that eye masks bring deep sleep and that brain waves are active that improve memory.



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