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10 Fruits that protect against Cholesterol

 High blood pressure or low blood pressure is also called a silent killer, which causes various life-threatening diseases and the biggest factor that causes this killer disease is cholesterol.

 Cholesterol is a fat, soft and soft substance, whose fixed amount is beneficial for human health, but increasing it makes the walls of blood vessels or arteries tight and hard.

 The main reason for the increase in cholesterol rate is the excessive use of fast food and unhealthy foods, which increases its rate in the blood, which causes blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases.

 The use of fresh fruits is very important to control the cholesterol rate because the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants included in it increase the strength of the body's defense system as well as keep cholesterol in the blood at a healthy rate.

 So know about the ten most effective fruits that keep cholesterol normal.


 Recent medical research reports have shown that daily use of strawberries reduces blood pressure by 4 to 10 percent during harmful cholesterol for the body. Strawberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, which are important for protecting against many diseases, including cancer and heart disease, while its daily use also helps in controlling obesity.

Red Grapes

 Red grapes are the best natural fruit for lowering cholesterol rates and they also provide protection against heart disease. These grapes have a high rate of fiber, especially on its seeds and peels which improve the digestive system. According to medical research reports, daily consumption of red grapes for six weeks reduces the rate of unhealthy cholesterol by 14 percent.


Malte does not allow cholesterol rates to rise, but instead transmits them to the blood during the digestive system. Daily use of them or daily use of a glass of their juice is very beneficial, while the vitamin C included in it is also helpful in protecting against other diseases.


Like all citrus fruits, lemons are high in vitamin C and do not allow the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body to increase and keep it normal. Moreover, the fibers contained in it improve the digestive system, which also reduces the chances of increasing the rate of cholesterol in the blood.


Although the benefits of this fruit in terms of reducing harmful health cholesterol have not yet been revealed, it has been seen in medical research reports that the use of kiwi increases the healthy cholesterol rate needed for the body, which helps to protect the heart from many diseases.

Grape Fruits

Grapefruits also help keep the rate of unhealthy cholesterol low. According to medical science, if the use of red grapefruits is made normal, it is effective in keeping cholesterol rate low and making the heart healthy. Apart from this, this fruit dissolves fat in the body, which also makes it easier to control obesity.

Blue Berries

Blueberries' medical benefits are often revealed, such as it increases brain power, protects against cancer, while removing body worms or swelling, but at the same time it is also helpful to normalize cholesterol rate. It does not allow the cholesterol rate to increase harmfully by dispersing fat cells in the blood.


Avocado contains healthy ingredients that increase the rate of beneficial cholesterol by reducing harmful cholesterol. This fruit is also helpful in keeping the blood pressure rate normal, which protects against heart disease and stroke etc. along with aging.


Apricot is a fruit rich in ingredients that help increase beneficial cholesterol instead of harmful health in the blood. Apart from this, it also contains a lot of antioxidants, which is helpful in protecting against many other diseases.


The habit of eating one to two apples daily reduces the rate of unhealthy cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy, it has also been proved that the antioxidants in apples do not allow cholesterol to accumulate in the arteries. Similarly, this fruit is also beneficial for protecting against obesity and this proverb is well known that eating one apple every day keeps the doctor away.


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