Friday, April 14, 2023

5 myths about urinary tract infections. Don't ignore it or you'll get nephritis

 When infections occur in the urinary tract, they often cause pain when you urinate and a smelly urine. But you can have harmful bacteria in your urinary tract and not feel sick at all. Then you need a test to find infections.


All urinary tract infections require treatment with antibiotics


Not all urinary tract infections have to be treated with antibiotics. One example is infections that don't cause any symptoms, so the person doesn't know that there are bacteria in his urinary tract. Antibiotics are given to people with painful or bothersome symptoms, women who are pregnant, and people who don't have a strong immune system.


Urinary tract infections will go away on their own


Urinary tract bacteria infections that don't cause symptoms can happen and go away on their own, but it's unlikely that this will happen if the patient has symptoms. Even more so if the symptoms of the infection are painful or uncomfortable. Urinary tract infections that aren't treated can cause problems like kidney inflammation and more urinary tract infections.


Urinary tract infections are sexually transmitted


Sexual activity can increase your risk of contracting the disease by transmitting harmful microbes, but urinary tract infections are not classified as sexually transmitted diseases. While fighting urinary tract infections, patients should not be sexually active, as sex may extend the recovery time.


Source: Mayo Clinic


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