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Aging individuals may benefit from strength training

  Aging individuals may benefit from strength training. With advancing age, muscle mass declines. Consequently, physical activities frequently become progressively more challenging. A combination of exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent muscle loss. Even simple exercises have an effect. However,  professional guidance is advisable. 

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During exercise, you should also be mindful of your magnesium intake. In addition, a healthy protein intake is crucial; adults aged 65 and older should consume 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This nutrient is abundant in dairy products, meat, fish, and eggs, legumes, grains, and nuts.

When perspiration becomes problematic

It is not uncommon for elderly people to sleep restlessly, wake up drenched in sweat, and perspire profusely throughout the day. However, those affected should not accept this and consult a physician instead. Some individuals experience perspiration as a result of psychological stress. The function of the sweat glands is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. On the other hand, a tendency to constantly perspire can result in psychological issues. It is necessary to break this vicious cycle. In this situation, relaxation techniques such as yoga or autogenic training, breathing exercises, good preparation for challenging situations, and, if necessary, psychotherapy or coaching, have proven to be highly effective.

Reconnect with your inner self

Focusing on the user's individual fundamental tone is a method that has been used for meditation and stress reduction. Because this tone is linked to certain character traits. If you understand it, you can gain a deeper understanding of your hidden strengths and weaknesses. "By toning with the determined base tone, blockages and upsets can be resolved permanently through trance exercises and meditations.

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