Thursday, April 13, 2023

Daily consumption of blueberries lowers the risk of dementia

 Alzheimer's and dementia risk can be reduced by eating a little amount of blueberries every day. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, if middle-aged persons eat a little number of blueberries on a daily basis, the process of mental condition acquisition and reduction can be halted.

A small group of volunteers was evaluated for roughly 12 weeks in this regard, and the results were informative.

For many years, University professor Robert Cricorian has studied the impacts of blueberries. They are now attempting to determine what effects a supplement of blueberries or its basic elements may have on middle-aged people's mental health and linked disorders.

Dr. Robert claims that horrible diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia might get worse as people get older. Blueberries have long been known for their ability to improve brain and cognitive function. However, even if it is a tiny amount, it must be included in the regular diet.

The researchers surveyed 33 persons aged 50 to 65 who were on the edge of becoming obese. Above all, he complained of memory loss and acquired dementia.

For 12 weeks, participants were separated into two groups: one received blueberry powder and the other received fake medication powder. Several metabolic biomarkers were found in the blood of all participants at the start and later in the trial, and they were also evaluated at the end.

Blood tests and biomarkers revealed that persons who used blueberry powder had considerably better learning and mental health than those who did not. Another noteworthy advantage was that their insulin levels climbed dramatically.

As a result, we can state that blueberries not only assist to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease, but also diabetes

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