Saturday, April 15, 2023

Daily use of eggs helps in weight control

 Eggs are considered good for other physical health, including vitamin D, but now a new study has shown that they are also helpful in reducing obesity, including weight control.

 According to the research published in the medical journal 'Science Direct', a short but comprehensive study conducted by Spanish experts showed that the daily use of eggs not only helps in weight control, but it also reduces body fat and obesity.

A study conducted by the University of Casilla La Mancha on more than 350 students aged 18 to 30 found that daily consumption of eggs not only helps in weight loss, but their use also improves and strengthens body mass index (BMI).

During the research, experts asked volunteers to use eggs daily and the volunteers were divided into different groups.

During the study, some volunteers were instructed to eat eggs without yolk, while some volunteers were instructed to eat eggs with yolks, and experts also took x-rays of the volunteers, including conducting dietary questionnaires, assessing their BMI.

The results of the research showed that the daily use of eggs, including yolk, not only strengthens the bones, but they also increase physical strength and they also improve mental and heart health, including weight loss.

Research has shown that although eating eggs without yolk also yielded the best results overall, according to experts, eating whole eggs, including yolks, has more benefits.

According to experts, the daily use of eggs not only helps in controlling weight, but it also eliminates body fat and increases bone strength, including increasing physical strength.

Experts suggested that at least five eggs should be eaten in another week daily.

 Earlier research has also shown eggs to be good for mental and physical health, including vitamin D

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