Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Do you want to control your high cholesterol?

  Do you want to control your high cholesterol? 

Adults have cholesterol problems. Bad diet and genes cause high cholesterol.

It's not enough to change the daily menu to make everything normal. Yes, Proper diet helps.

Depending on the body's needs, the liver (70%) produces a lot of cholesterol.

The rest comes from food. Inadequate diet disturbs these proportions, creating a dangerous excess that can be reduced. 

In fact, many with high LDL cholesterol inherited their ancestors' tendency to store it.

They overproduce cholesterol in the liver due to a genetic defect that prevents their tissues from absorbing it. They eat well and are healthy, but atherosclerosis destroys their blood vessels. This can be stopped with them.

1. Relax

People's cholesterol levels drop after a vacation. Rest, relaxation, and good company are healing. Active recreation is the only sure thing, but overcoming stress is very important.

Stress causes high cholesterol, though the mechanism isn't fully understood.

The body produces more fatty acids and glucose when stressed.

The liver increases bad LDL cholesterol. This grows even in people who lose their appetite and don't eat unhealthy fats.  Inflammation begins with torn nerves. These affect blood vessels, accelerating atherosclerosis.

Rewarding yourself for overcoming challenges makes daily stress management easier. You know what pleases you: movies, spas, walks. Remember laughter therapy. Even forced smiles are healthy.

2. Physical activity

Relaxation and exercise should be combined.  You'll get two cholesterol-busters this way. Physical activity oxygenates cells, improves circulation, and burns fat. Cholesterol Effects:

  • LDL goes down

  1. HDL is growing.

In addition, you are losing weight, which is another priceless benefit.

20-60 minutes of daily exercise is recommended for anticholesterol. Aerobics, running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming are moderate-intensity exercises.

3. Weight reduction

Even if you follow a healthy high cholesterol diet and are overweight, it may be hard to get results. The maximum acceptable result for people at risk of cardiovascular disease is 20%. above ideal weight.

Let the doctor set the weight limit.  Ask him about an effective, safe nutritional program.  Even a healthy, very brave person shouldn't try risky Internet diets. It's bad for health.

4. Drugs

The doctor will determine what medications you need based on tests and an interview. Over-the-counter "miracle" drugs can help, but they're not for targeted therapies. Do you "hate chemical poisoning"? Cholesterol poisons you more.

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