Wednesday, April 26, 2023

If you have developed belly fat, there's definitely something wrong

 If you want to lose belly fat, you have to follow the same advice that is centuries old, that is, the perfect ratio of diet and exercise. Leave the rest where they are Belly fat is a health problem. It not only makes your appearance look bad but it can be life threatening.

When the skin around the ribs stretches more than an inch, we call it belly fat. This fat also accumulates around our internal organs, liver and intestines.

The fat that accumulates around the vital internal organs of the abdomen affects health.

It is considered the most dangerous for health, but the good news is that it is not too difficult to reduce.

Health websites and TV commercials offer very simple fat loss solutions but the question is : do they work?

A team of 'Trust Me IMA Doctors' has done some experiments to find the answer.

The team formed four groups of 35 volunteers who were obese and at risk for type 3 diabetes and heart disease.

Frederick Carpe, Professor of Metrobolic Medicine at Oxford University, and Dylan K. Thompson, Professor of Bath University, conducted two separate experiments on two groups.

Thompson adopted two types of exercise, while Professor Carpe advised the two groups to take two different diets.

Thomson asked the first group of people to follow a regular diet and were given monitors to record their daily activities. They were also given some tips to increase their walking and healthy activities.

The other group was asked to try out the methods of health related websites.

The third group, under the supervision of Professor Carpe, was asked to drink three glasses of milk a day, another popular form of fat reduction. Research has shown that dairy products reduce fat.

The fourth group focused on food. All they were told was to take care of the food. They were told not to eat salty snacks in between meals. They were also told how to deal with the pain caused by hunger.

After six weeks, all participants were re-examined.

In the first group, it was found that the fat did not decrease but the health improved significantly. In the second group, the fat was reduced and the waist was also reduced by 2 cm, but there was no significant improvement in health and weight.

The health of the third group of milk drinkers did not change, although they were asked to take an extra 400 calories, but still did not gain weight.

The highest improvement was seen in the fourth group taking controlled diet. She lost an average of 3.7 kg per person and lost an average waist of 5 cm. Body fat decreased by 5% while internal organ fat decreased by 14%.

So the bottom line is that if you want to lose your belly fat, you have to follow the same centuries-old advice - the perfect balance between diet and exercise. Leave the rest where they are

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