Sunday, April 16, 2023

Popular heart medications can prolong life

 A study published in the journal "Aging Cell" shows that popular drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease can slow down the aging process. Although the analyses involved animals, the authors believe that they may prove to be an effective anti-aging strategy.

 The most effective anti-aging intervention today is considered to be a calorie-restricting diet. But as the experts point out, analyses of calorie restriction in humans have yielded mixed results. New research has shown that there is already a drug that may prove to be a reasonable solution.


Hypertension drugs can prolong life

A group of researchers from Europe and the United States has made a remarkable discovery. Scientists have proven that rylmenidine prolongs life and improves health indicators in animals. The drug is currently used in patients with hypertension.

 The benefits observed by the investigators related to the treatment of rylmenidine niceni C. elegans. Unlike other drugs studied by the expert group, rylmenidine has the potential to translate the results achieved in the study to humans.

 Side effects from the use of this drug are rare and not serious, the authors of the analysis emphasize.

 Professor João Pedro Magalhães, who led this research at the University of Liverpool, points out that "in the face of an ageing global population, the benefits of delaying the aging process, even if small, are enormous." The expert points out that this is the first such analysis that has shown that rylmenidins used on animals can extend life and delay aging.



"We would now like to investigate whether rylmenidine may have other clinical applications," added Prof. Magalhães.




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