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Ways to regenerate the liver How do you rebuild this important organ?

 The liver is essential for maintaining metabolic homeostasis, regulating hormones and nutrients, the metabolism of drugs and alcohol, and digestion. Proper operation is necessary for health, and regeneration is necessary for regeneration.

 What is liver regeneration?

 Because it can heal itself so well, the liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It can perform its tasks even when 90% of the parenchyma has lost its efficiency. According to research, both liver cells and stem cells can start a regeneration process. We can support, slow down, or even prevent this process.

 Does the liver grow back?

 Even when up to 90% of the liver has been removed, it can regenerate from a lobe fragment. The liver, on the other hand, is not made of steel, and its regeneration process can be disrupted by diseases, medications, or alcohol.

 When does the liver need regeneration?

 We should think about liver regeneration every day because many things have a negative impact on it. These are the factors that harm this organ:

  • viral hepatitis,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • toxic substances, e.g., heavy metals,
  • long-term use of drugs that burden the liver,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • metabolic diseases,
  • diseases of the liver and bile ducts,
  • poor nutrition,
  • no movement.

An unhealthy lifestyle, pollutants, inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis, and fatty liver can all harm the liver. The liver must then regenerate itself. The liver also requires regeneration following surgery to remove a portion of the organ or severe damage.

 Good nutrition is the foundation for creating favourable conditions for liver regeneration. During self-healing, the organ cannot be overworked. The following diet creates favourable conditions for liver regeneration:

  • contains a limited amount of fat,
  • contains a lot of vegetables and fruits,
  • does not contain highly processed products and fast-food dishes,
  • does not contain alcohol,
  • does not contain excess simple sugars,
  • contains a lot of water.

Other dietary suggestions include eating 5–6 small meals each day, avoiding hot spices, and avoiding medicines that are processed in the liver as much as possible. Smoking is detrimental to liver regeneration.

 What should I drink for liver regeneration?

 Green tea

In small amounts, green tea It is good for the liver because it aids in the fight against oxidative stress due to the polyphenols included in it.

 Grapefruit juice

 Grapefruit juice contains antioxidants that protect liver cells from injury and aid to preventing inflammation; it may also reduce the amount of fat that accumulates in the liver.


It contains sesquiterpene lactones that support liver detoxification, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Some studies show that drinking coffee helps protect against fatty liver, cancer, and other disorders of this organ; it reduces fat deposition in the liver; and it is high in antioxidants.

 Turmeric infusion

 It helps the liver get rid of toxins, has a cholagogic effect, and lowers inflammation, which can make the liver's condition worse. 

 Preparations for liver regeneration

For liver regeneration, medications and nutritional supplements, among other things, are advised. Herbal extracts. Preparations designed to help the liver's self-healing frequently include components like:


  • silymarin,
  • colchicine,
  • dandelion,
  • Paraguayan holly extract,
  • artichoke extract,
  • turmeric (long thistle),
  • chicory,
  • milk thistle,
  • jasmine flower,
  • ursodeoxycholic acid.

Phospholipids are obtained from soybeans and have the ability to build into the cell membrane of the liver cells, accelerating their reconstruction and repair. They also support the secretion of bile, which is one of the functions of the liver. Before using any preparations, consult a doctor or pharmacist to select a drug or supplement for our health and warn about possible reactions with other drugs.

 Liver regeneration : how long does it take?

The recovery time for liver damage varies depending on the extent of the damage, the drugs used, regular intake, diet, and the age of the patient. Doctors often recommend refraining from physical activity, especially intense activity, for the duration of liver treatment. If the entire organ is destroyed, the only rescue for the patient is transplantation of the organ.




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